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I am having so much fun with these self finishing buttons!  These are 2.5 inches and 1 7/8 inches on the bottom row.

There have been some lessons learned for sure. Please understand that these were my first attempts at the product, so they are NOT PERFECT at all.  I have changed the pattern sizes to provide better coverage around the sides and back of the button.   

The buttons are available with a magnet back, button back or flat back.  The magnet back will obviously be key for the refrigerator and dishwasher magnets, and of course the whiteboard magnets....  The button back comes with a metal loop.  I have used it on my closet baskets, and it can be sewn on...  The flat back is also very versatile in that it can be glued on to most anything.  This is good when you are using a tight wicker to attach the product, such as a rattan purse or basket.  

I have discovered that 18 mesh canvas is a better fit when assembling the buttons, but I am not ruling out 13 mesh yet.  It is SOOO easy to stitch.  I will keep working at it...

There are so many opportunities to use these!!!  I am using them for baskets I have in my master closet.  

And in my kitchen pantry.....

And refrigerator and dishwasher magnets.....

Coming soon, I plan to do some chinoiserie and Lilly style patterns for rattan purses....

And I have a tissue box that is waiting to be embellished...

The possibilities are ENDLESS....  If you want a cute pop of needlepoint around your home in unexpected places, this is it!!!!!

The kits will come with the 2 piece button set, the stitch painted canvas and instructions.  

As you know, we will customize anything!  If our dogs weren't constantly on the move, we would monogram them!  So, give us a shout out and tell us what you want!  

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Maureen Zarnfaller

I would love to order 2 more clean- dirty magnets.
I don’t seem to be able to find an option to order them.
I love the one I made for myself and would like to make some as Christmas gifts.
Thank you,

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