Sailboats Needlepoint Sunglass Strap Canvas

Sailboats Needlepoint Sunglass Strap Canvas - Needlepoint by Laura, LLC

Needlepoint by Laura

$ 36.00 

All of our sunglass strap canvases are 12 inches long.

Many of our canvases are in stock, and ready to ship within a few days. Each canvas is stitch painted by hand, so that you will never have to guess which color goes in which grid.

Your canvas will arrive with a tapestry needle, and contact information for excellent leather finishers. If requested, dmc pearl cotton threads are also available as an option. Our sister shop in Nashville, TN fulfills thread requests, and is also available to provide Pepper Pot Silk as well.

You may purchase thread with your order or directly through our sister store on Etsy at