Click and Drag Belt Designer

To enter the click and drag belt design software, copy the url listed above to your browser.  The design space will appear.

Utilize google images, etc...  to add logos to your belt.  There is also a text box to place initials.  Click and drag the images into the white space on the center of the belt.  A general rule of thumb is 7-8 images in the space.  Don't worry if you run over into the grey area.  We will be respacing it for you.  Keep in mind that images added will be rendered in a 21 stich high space. 

Once you have completed your belt, click save and the BUY NOW button in the top center. This will redirect you to a product in your your cart on our website. The deposit cost will be $20.00.   Please answer the necessary questions on the listing to allow us to do final mockup on your belt.   

Once you have purchased, you will then receive an email from CORJL, asking you to edit and approve your proof. 

Once you have completed that edit and approval, the final version will be in our queue, ready to send you the final mockup based on measurements provided.  

We will provide the spacing and final design.  Changes can be made up until the point of purchase.  Once final approval is given, you will be invoiced for the balance.  

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