Outstanding Customized Products and Original Creations

Our website is focused on our original creations, and we do a great deal of custom design work, including hobby and life belts. We LOVE doing sports belts and proudly offer team belts at $65.00.  Best deal going!
We are happy to provide fibers with our canvases, as we are a full-service online needlepoint shop!  We stock DMC Pearl Cotton, Vineyard Silk and Merino Wool and Planet Earth Pepper Pot Silk. We are excited to be a retail partner with Planet Earth for their leather goods.  They are very popular and self-finishing!! 
We are a husband and wife team, residing in Lexington, KY.  We do not have a physical shop at this time, but don't be surprised if we do "someday"...  We participate in local and regional trunk shows, so come out and meet us when we are in your area.  We have made long time customers and friends in all 50 states!!